December 24, 2014


I’m not sure there’s a better word that sums up 2014 for me. Even though I was away from it so much of the time, it was such a reoccurring theme in my daily life, this year more than ever. My wife and I moved to a new city, and where we thought sounded awesome enough to move -turned out to be even better than expected. This all seemed so fitting because ‘Home’ was also the theme of The Rockville LP, which ironically pulled me away from it to go out on the road in order to to tell the story of this album and what it means to us as a band.

It’s about where we grew up. Mostly about how we saw things from the perspective of our youth, feeling hopeful and ready to take on anything. The stories all felt familiar – a thriving part of my childhood that is still alive and well. It’s one of my favorite things I have ever done with the band, ever. So many moments spent with them and these songs really felt like being back there for the first time.

There’s an ongoing shared experience – our friends, our family …. and the places that remind us of our friends and family. That’s something we all share no matter where you call home. And this has meant the world to me this year.

The band and I wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We hope it’s spent with all of your friends and family, and we’re looking forward to seeing you guys in 2015!!